Monday, August 3, 2009

AWWW! Rebecca... ty =D

A dear friend that I made from being involved in MTT gave me this award. Really warmed my heart! She is so genuine, warm, and supportive. I feel blessed to have you as a blog friend, Rebecca!If I read this correctly, I am to pass this on to 5 people that inspire me. I am new to blog stuff, but I think that's how this works ;)
Rebecca(lol back at ya!' - always supportive... just love her!)
Darla (such a great SU! demonstrator, leader & friend!)
Jessica (ty for your excitement on my first DT and for MTT!!)
Joni (ty for bringing me onboard your first DT!)
Erik (my son & my heart!)

So hard to limit to 5! All of you are my inspiration... ty, ty TY!!!
Lisa =D


  1. Aww thanks Lisa! I will add it to my blog! Congrats again on your first DT and I will definitely be on the lookout for your beautiful creations!!

  2. Hey Lisa, I'm way behind on blogging. I haven't even been on my blog for a few weeks. And so now I'm seeing this little award for the first time. Thank you! You're awesome. You've been doing some awesome stuff on your blog. Keep it up!
    Hugs, Darla