Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DDSC3 Color Challenge

I apologize for my lack of posts. Just a lot of "life" going on right now and things are a bit rough (taking a toll on my creative spirit lately). Our son started college 3 weeks ago, and he absolutely loves it! It is just so exciting, but has me reflecting on days gone by and wondering where the time went. I was always told your kids grow up too fast, and now I am a believer ;)

This week we have this wonderful color challenge. I decided to apply it to another Halloween card. Last night and today I was camera challenged in photographing this card. I took over 30 pictures in several different lighting situations and just could not capture the colors. It looks washed out compared to the real thing, especially the blue, but I had to finally just say oh well and accept this image for posting.

I want to extend a warm welcome to our newest Daredevil, Lisa Hjulberg (just lover her name ;)... so exciting to have you on our team. Check out her blog. Her work is AMAZING!!

You won't want to miss the other Daredevil's fabulous challenge creations:
Have a great week!
Lisa :)


  1. Fantastic card Lisa! We missed you last week-so great to have you back! I love that little masked friend he hee...too cute!

  2. This is so cute!!! Great job!! The picture looks great!

  3. Hey Lisa...I think the card looks fabulous - You've convinced me that I need that set now. You did an awesome job with the color challenge...I love your take on it. Great layout! You do wonderful work. Hugs from IL!

  4. Hi Lisa! Trust me, I understand the nostalgia. I have four boys and two will soon fly the coop and I hate to even think about it. As much as I've appreciated every moment, time has passed in spite of me. But there are still lots of good things to look forward to (I try to remind myself).

    I think your card looks great! I struggle with photographing my cards... they never look as good as they do in person, but it's a close second. I love the way you used the colors and that image is just a riot!

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I love your name, too!


  5. Hi Lisa,

    I was just hoping by some blogs and I wanted to come by and see what you had that was new, and I swear I commented on this last week, but I must have not hit the submit button or somthing!! Sorry about that, but I love the little bird, and you did a great job on using the colors and I like all the circles too!!!